Ink Print

Fast and economical, ink printing is a process through which ink is transferred from a flexible plate to a product’s surface. Ink printing is best for 1-color designs when tight registration is less critical. It’s ideal for printing uncoated boxes and bags which allow for better ink absorption.

Ink Printing List Price

All Bags (except paper merchandise bags)

  • $.10 Per Bag
  • $50.00 Minimum Ink Print Charge
  • $45.00 Per Plate

Paper Merchandise Bags & All Boxes

  • $.06 Per Bag or Box
  • $30.00 Minimum Ink Print Charge
  • $45.00 Per Plate

2-Color/1-Side SAME PRICE As 1-Color/1-Side (2-Color Requires 2 Plates)
1-Color/2-Sides Or 2-Color/2-Sides – Double Above Ink Printing Cost

Ink Printing Stock Colors

Navy Blue – PMS 281

Royal Blue – PMS 293

Lake Blue – PMS 286

Reflex Blue

Azul – PMS 285

Process Blue

Aquamarine – PMS 3115

Peacock – PMS 3145

Teal – PMS 322

Bright Teal – PMS 327

Forest Green – PMS 560

Shamrock Green – PMS 342

Kelly Green – PMS 347

Greensboro Green – PMS 354

Leaf – PMS 384

Acid Green – PMS 382

Bamboo – PMS 379

Yellow – PMS 108

Warm Burgundy – PMS 209

Ruby – PMS 222

Brick Red – PMS 1805

Lipstick Red – PMS 199

Bright Red – PMS 185

Rhodamine Red

Hot Pink – PMS 219

Orange – PMS 021

Pantone Purple

Royal Purple – PMS 526

Pantone Violet

Milk Chocolate – PMS 174

Bruno – PMS 477

Dark Chocolate – PMS 490

Smoke Grey – PMS 431

Copper – PMS 876

Gold – PMS 872

Silver – PMS 877


The colors on this page are 4-color process simulations of designated Pantone® colors. Actual colors may vary. Please keep in mind the background color of the ink printed item may alter the appearance of the ink, especially light colors printed on dark backgrounds.


2-Color/1-Side SAME PRICE As 1-Color/1-Side (2-Color Requires 2 Plates)


  • Imprint colors on different bag or box styles or sizes on the same order or from order to order may vary slightly within commercially acceptable industry standards.
  • Artwork position on post printed bags may vary slightly from bag to bag due to manual feeding.
  • Print quality may be slightly affected by folds and creases that are produced in the manufacturing of bags.
  • Products and logos shown in this catalog are intended to illustrate the products and options.
  • These products are not for sale.
  • All art work submitted is assumed to be in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademark, etc. By placing orders, customers agree to hold full responsibility for any damage, costs and expenses resulting from the use of the artwork.
  • Actual product colors may vary.

All Prices Are Fob Mill (prepay and charge freight)